Who are we?

Judah Brown Project is a non-profit (501c3) organization that was created in 2016, after the drowning death of my son, 3-year-old Judah Levi Brown. It was created to educate parents, caregivers, professionals and children about the dangers of drowning, how often it happens, how silent and fast it is, and how to prevent it from happening.

What do we do?

Education: We have developed a water safety curriculum that has been used in 7 school districts (and growing) in the Houston, TX area. We have also taught and continue to teach countless parent and caregiver classes on water safety and drowning prevention, as well as just as many professional trainings for organizations such as Parks and Rec, Health Departments, Teachers, School Counselors, Pediatricians, Pool service providers, pool builders, and so many more.

Pamphlets: We created a water safety pamphlet that has all of the layers of protection that keep children safer around water and we have asked schools and pediatricians to give these pamphlets to the families they serve. We also have our pamphlets in with pool builders, pool service companies, realtors and various other pediatric settings. To date, we have over 350 offices nationwide that carry and pass out our pamphlets.

Scholarships: We believe all children should have access to life saving swim lessons. Being involved in quality swim lessons is associated with an 88% decrease in childhood drownings. We believe cost should not be a barrier to a child becoming skilled in the water. Every year we work to provide as many scholarships as we can to families who can not afford these lessons. We have currently given out over $12,000 in scholarships to families and have skilled over 150 children in the water through this program.

CPR classes: Judah Brown Project hosts CPR classes at low cost to no cost for anyone 8-years-old and over, so that they can be prepared in case a drowning does occur. One of the requirements we have for our scholarship families is that the parents get training in CPR, which we will help them pay for.

Honoring Families: We know that the hardest thing anyone will ever have to go through is losing a child. We also know that families who do lose a child are very fearful that people will forget their child. Because of this, we honor every family we are told about, who has lost a child to drowning, by sending care packages to them every year on their child’s birthday. It is a simple way that we say, “Your child is not forgotten”. We currently honor 170+ families this way.

Advocacy: We work to help advocate in our community for better water safety programs. We are currently working on educating lawmakers in Texas about the need for better water safety legislation, by speaking with them about HB67 (Judah Brown Drowning Prevention Bill) that will stop Homeowner Associations from telling homeowners that they can’t put pool safety fences around their pools, House Resolution 46, which will help better educate people about the dangers of rip currents at Texas beaches and HB1676, which will make sure that life jackets will be used for children who visit public pools in groups in Texas.

We live by our motto, “Be a voice: Don’t Let Them Drown!”