Marketing strategy with soul.

High vibe PR & marketing strategy for people that want to make an impact on the world.

What We Do

At The Marketing Spirit, we believe in marketing practices and clients that educate, elevate and transform. We work with brands that are committed to conscious marketing with authenticity. We help our clients find the soul of their brand then amplify their message to the world.

Our Beginning

While helping nonprofits find their differentiator in the competitive philanthropic space, Laura Metro, chief muse at The Marketing Spirit, created a unique and efficient tool to quickly guide clients on a journey to the soul of their brand. This tool was the game changer that started The Marketing Spirit.

What’s on the Horizon: The Haven


We want to promote “marketing with soul” or conscious marketing. in that spirit, we are launching a free membership based community called the haven. It is resource center filled with helpful downloads, tips, book recommendations, an online course, opportunities to connect with like minded marketers and MUCH MORE! Be the first to know when it’s live by signing up for our newsletter.